Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Life update. Travels, snapchats and selfies.

Thought I would update you with a picture filled post on what I have been doing... or just a bunch of selfies to share.
My time has been filled with fund-raising for charity, never ending parties, chilling in the botanical gardens, day trips to beautiful beaches, having a short time living in Bondi, weekend trips to Coogee and Blue Mountains, a night in Brisbane, drunkingly wearing a Mexican hat (yes, that happened), getting a new tattoo and meeting some amazing people who are now my friends for life. 
Thought I had better stop there as it could go on and on. 
Overall I look back at my time here in Oz so far and can honestly say it has been the best few months of my life so far. 
If you are considering travelling but have a few doubts, it's something that you will never regret and, will have the best time you could possibly imagine. Although, the ironic thing about travelling is the actual traveling from one destination to another is the worst part. Everyone that you ask about this will agree I'm sure. But when you get to where your going it is definitely worth your sweat, lower bank balance and energy!
Enjoy this 'photo album', will see you in the next one!