Age: 24  
D.O.B: 11/06/90
Height: 5.10"
Tattoos? Yes
Where I shop? Mainly high-street.
What did you study? Fashion with photography. 
How would you describe your style? I never know how to describe the way I dress because it is always changing! But I would have to say relaxed and edgy. The rest depends on my mood. :)

After graduating university studying Fashion with Photography I needed a way to stay creative, blogging seemed the way to go. I originally started my blog whilst I was at uni, just for research mainly. Since then, the blogging world has erupted and become a great way for creative people to share their interests, whether that may be through fashion, food, lifestyle ... etc.

The content of my blog at the beginning was.. crap. I didn't really no what I wanted to share or write. I decided to have a blog revamp and really concentrate on creating good content, so I got a new blog design and have tried to make sure my images and writing have been relatively easy on the eye! Since then I have been pretty pleased with what I have and being a 'part time blogger'.

I am currently working full time for Estee Lauder Companies, but will soon be venturing to Australia for a year with a working year visa. Exciting stuff!

Hope you enjoy my little space on the Internet and please leave comments and follow if you like my blog. 
I love finding new bloggers out there, so don't be shy to leave a link to yours so I can check it out :)


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