Monday, 7 August 2017

Does anyone have their shit together? Returning from abroad.

Today I found myself sat watching endless nonsense on my laptop - feeling sorry for myself and wondering: what am I doing?
I have recently returned back to the UK after 3 years abroad, actually, I say recently.. it has been nearly 4 months now.. 
Since returning I have found it difficult to find a routine or mainly a sense of direction, a feeling I didn't predict - and certainly a feeling I wasn't prepared for. When returning I thought I was more than ready and was even a little excited at the home comforts I had missed whilst away.
Fast forward to right now: I'm thinking to myself - 4 months I have been back. How have I not got my shit together yet!?
Therefore I am now - another day in the same predicament, deciding to share this on my abandoned part of the internet - a place once used for sharing my outfits and lighthearted, image heavy posts. 
So, what have I been doing besides burying my head in the sand and feeling pretty worried with the ongoing question of: what is life..!? I have been endlessly searching the internet for advice- information- in a way online self therapy; something I can only hope everyone can admit to whilst reading this.
Things I have come across that, especially over the last week, I have failed, due to unreasonable and shitty modern day self doubt -

Keep moving:

I am confident with relaying this information, as clearly, I have had personal experience of this as of late. Staying in bed nursing self pity unfortunately does not work - get out and keep active, go for a walk and get some fresh air - so you can quickly remove the tick of turning into a vampire off your list!

Keep a routine:

Something I have failed.
Yes - sleeping in till midday with current lack of direction/ motivation in life does not help! Although it feels like it does at the time! 
Set an alarm - get up - get showered - make your bed - have breakfast. Start as you usually would and set up your day right!


Write down what goals you have. Big or small. Brainstorm your ideas and where you see yourself this time next year.
Identify what makes you happy, inspired, motivated, creative, positive. Concentrate on these words - they are the good ones! Concentrate on positive goals and ideas, mentally walk away from the negative.

Keep it realistic:

People use social media to portray a perfect idea of life - people do this because, well, its what we want to see. But it’s difficult to remember, it’s OK not to have the perfect house, job, clothes, food - everything. 
Keep it real, life ain’t easy and it ain’t perfect, everyone has a bad day/week, even year! But you might just not see it.

Give yourself a break:

From someone who does worry and has anxiety -  give yourself a break. Life may be tough right now but it won’t always be - see it as an adventure - because otherwise life would be boring.