Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Liebster Award

Hi Guys! Slightly different post today, I have very kindly been tagged for the Liebster Award! To be perfectly honest I was tweeted by the below lovely ladies a while ago and I have been very late with posting this! I no, I have been a bit of a crap blogger recently, as in I have hardly blogged at all! However, I have been uploading over on my YouTube channel if you would like to check that out click here

It would mean a lot if you enjoy, to subscribeee! :D 
So onto the the tag! (the Q&A's are below however if you would like to skip to your questions if you have been tagged go straight to the bottom of the post)

I was tagged by Natalie from The Fashion Feed and Ashleigh from Tan-Talk thank you girls! :D 

Natalie from The Fashion Feed questions are below - 
 Q:What do you love about blogging? 
A:How inspired I get from reading other blogs and looking at how people style the current trends.
Q:What does your voicemail say? 
A:Currently, nothing.
Q:What is your job? 
A:Business Associate for Estee Lauder.
Q:If you weren’t doing that (or blogging) what would you be doing? 
A:I would love to do a lot of things, I would love to get into styling, social media in beauty or fashion PR. Also to travel the world would be lush!
Q:What are the first 5 cards in your purse? 
A:Bank Card, Provisional License, Credit Card, Boot Advantage Card, H&M Gift Card.
Q:What is your favourite past-time? 
A:Blogging and Youtube.
Q:What would you rather be doing right now than this? 
A:I am missing being in Thailand with my buddy so would love to be there right now.
Q:Where did you come up with the name for your blog? 
A:It was completely random; I changed my blog name as I hated the first one I came up with. I just thought of loads of different words and put two together.
Q:Would you rather have a moustache or a beard? 
A:A moustache lol.
Q:Who is your favorite blogger? 
A:Oh god, I couldn’t say just one!
Q:What came first, chicken or the egg? 
A:The egg?

Ashleigh from Tan-Talk questions are below - 
Q:What inspired you blog? 
A:I created my blog when I was at uni as a hobby, I did fashion at uni so my blog was a place where I could share my personal style and inspiration.
Q:Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 
A:Hopefully with a great career in something I love with a family and surrounded by all my friends (cheesy much)
Q:What is your most cherished item of clothing your own? 
A:Oh god! Probably my vintage sequin jacket that I nabbed from a charity shop, I don’t have a lot of expensive clothing!
Q:Who are your favorite bloggers and why? 
A:I will try and pick three as I have so many! Andy from Style Scrapbook: this blog inspired me to start blogging myself and her style is insanneeeeee! Sammi from Beauty Crush as I have followed her for so long and love how she makes simple outfits look edgy and unique. The Little Magpie is also an absolute beaut blog!
Q:What do you look for in a blog to make you want to follow it? 
A:If I like it, I will follow it.
Q:Who is your celebrity style crush? 
A:Mary-Kate Olsen
Q:If you could swap lives with someone for 24 hours, who would it be and what would you do?
A:Urmmmm, Rihanna maybe. I reckon you could do some cool stuff as Rihanna for the day!
Q:What three items would accompany you on a desert island? 
A:Water, sun tan lotion and my phone.
Q:Who was your last text from and what did it say? 
A:From my friend Becky saying that I have a missed call. My signal is shit.
Q:What’s an attribute of your personality you’d most like to work on? 
A:Sometimes I find it hard to get on and do stuff, I’m great at planning and organizing what I have to do but actually doing it… that’s another story. It gets very annoying!
Q:What’s been the most memorable, exciting and damn right fabulous day of your life to date? 
A:Oh blimey! Probably a day from my holiday to Thailand, sitting on a beach which was paradise, and then drinking all night on a beach bar meeting lots of lush people. Bliss!

My questions  - 
If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
Skirt or trousers?
What are you doing right now?
What inspires your blog?
Fave cocktail?
Civilised dinner or messy girls night out?
Your favourite blogger? or your top 3 (got to be asked) 
What's your favourite app?
What camera do you use?
Current favourite trend?
 What piece of clothing could you not live without?

Who I tag -

Hope you have enjoyed this post :D xoxo