Sunday, 16 February 2014

LFW: Street Style. Take 1.

Hello you gorgeous lot, so as you would have guessed from my last OOTD post I spent my Saturday pondering around Somerset House stalking some ultimate fashionistas. This is the first year I have been around London through fashion week (yes, this is shocking) and I must say I was a tad overwhelmed! 
Whenever I'm in London I get such a buzz and always leave feeling ultimately inspired. This meant seeing a bunch of amazingly dressed people sent me into creative over mode! At one point I had to just stop and stare around me to take it all in. 
I am definitely a fashion obsessed, but I find that I have to be around like minded people to keep my creative and inspired senses flowing! Sometimes, I can loose track of that feeling. 
So entering a courtyard full of creatives sent my mind a little crazy! 
I was a little nervous at the start but after being there for a few minutes I just started snapping away! I think photographing street style can always be a little awkward at first! But once you get in the flow it's no biggie!
There were so many different styles and trends floating about, each person had put there individual touch to it. That's what I love about Street Style. 
When I got home I got all the images up and didn't realise how many I took! I think I will have to put the street style posts into two as otherwise it might be a little bit of an photo overload!

After today I would love to make it up to London more just to snap some street style, it's a great way to grab new ideas. It's also great to have these images to refer back to for a pop of outfit inspiration!

Hope you guys enjoy the images and keep an eye out for more!

These two reminded me of the Olsen twins, absolutely love the simple outfits with statement shoes! Two of my favourites! 

Not a look I would personally go for but the femininity of this outfit is gorgeous.
The coat and the shoes are just amazing. I love the shape of this coat!
I just had to snap these two! So chic!
I think the bag absolutely makes this outfit.
I spotted this girl from afar and just had to get her picture. The gothic vibe with a splash of gold just looks fab.
This style of coat is so on-trend, plus with the trainer and hat this girl just looked on-point! Loved the vibe she gave off too, so calm and collected.
This girl had it going on! She looked awesome and the splash of print worked so well, the oversized bag gave her outfit much more of a day-time feel and definitely weather appropriate! LOVES!
The coat was so eye-catching. Such a great pop of colour!
This gold coat! I mean.. need I say more..?



Sara Luxe said...

love your snaps - hope you had fun x

Eden Simpson said...

Some AMAZING street style here! The top photo is my fave!

Belle said...

Fab pics....I'd be scared to start snapping too!

Well played :)

Moira Parton said...

Love the photos you took. My fave's the girl with the joggers, sneakers and a long brown coat. x

Louise Smith said...

Those photos are amazing, I love street style!

Luana Carvalho said...

Very stylish
Loved your blog,
I'm following o seu blog and follow me.
My fan page is at low LookBook

mariel janina said...

so many amazing street styles, the street style during fashion week has got to be one of the best parts of it <3 so much inspiration going on :)

Kelly Hopkins said...

Fab post! Wish I was there, looks amazing! (:

Kelly x

Claire Petersen said...

Hey! Just so you know: I nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award. If you'd like to take part you can read more about it here. Otherwise, just know that I love your blog! :)

Technicolour Dreamer

Queen of Jet Lags said...

Babe! Super cool blog!!! I just started following you on Bloglovin' :-).. I would appreciate it and would love it if you can follow back!



Gail J said...

It must be so much fun there! LFW must be a paradise for photographers xx

TaiBea said...
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TaiBea said...

I thought the first picture was of the Olsen twins at first, great post and pictures.

Taila x