Thursday, 6 September 2012

My Celebrity Fashion Event (picture happy)

I was lucky enough to be invited to the My Celebrity Fashion re-launch event Tuesday night, now this was my first event so I was a little nervous and had the typical 'omg what do I wear' freak out. I had to choose to wear my new vintage jacket as it is such a statement piece and what better opportunity to wear it!
I matched it with my trusty disco pants, a new look top that I nabbed off my sister and my creepers.
I travelled to London with my sister (you can find her fashion blog here ) to go to the event, which was a laugh as it was her first event too.
The event showcasedMotel  Rare London and Beau Bronz and all the ladies were lovely :).
I was even lucky enough to win a Rare London dress, which was amazing! I will style it up and show you guys in one of my upcoming posts!
One of the lovely ladies that I met was Mary from It's Another Girls Life she was lovely and looked awesome! I am now officially addicted to her blog and YouTube Channel
I have gotta give a shout out to the Rare London girlies too, they were lovely and a pleasure to meet!
I did also meet the lovely Mikaila from The Fashion Armoire, I loved the dress that she wore and I'm annoyed I didn't get a picture to show you guys! But she was lovely, go check out her blog :)
Pheoby from Diary Delights was one of the first girlie's I met and she must of thought me and my sister were right loonatics as we had just rushed from the tube and we were, well, flustered! LOL.
A big shout out to everyone else I met too!


champagnediamond said...

Great photos!


Mikaila Osiadacz said...

Such a lush evening, so nice to meet you - hopefully see you soon at another event :)

Now an avid follower! :) xxx

Mary said...

Oooooh thanku babaaay! X

Lydia said...

This looks like such a lovely event! The clothes are beauuudiful! X

Lori said...

Love this look!
I nominated you for the Liebster Award! :)
Check it out on my page here:

Julie Ly said...

Love your outfit. I do remember catching a glimpse of you and thinking what a lovely jacket you was wearing. Hope to see you again and have a proper chat.



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