Sunday, 21 September 2014

Blogger Babes.

Thought I would share with you 4 bloggers that are always on my go to reading list! These babes are just the shiz when it comes to a good read and some inspo (as you all probably no). 

Update on my current life in Sydney, well my new job means I have been working all the hours you can imagine. Also, for some reason when I'm not working I seem to be drinking. Today, I have decided to spend my spare time having a bit of a break from the old alcohol, and actually scope out the city that I now live in. It is way too easy to get caught up in the whirl wind of working and partying, and not realising how quickly time flies by. 
Today I took a bit of time out, ate lots of food, chilled, painted my nails.. fake tanned etc.. whilst catching up on blogs and YouTube. It was lush.
Not looking forward to work tomorrow, but I'm feeling super inspired which is literally the best feeling..

Hope everyone has enjoyed the weekend. See you in the next one. xx


Holl JC said...

I just adore Sammi's blog, all these girls look like they've got amazing style x

Anonymous said...

love all these blogs <3

Belinda Louise UK Personal Style Blogger | Fashion Crossing

Abbie said...

Wooo thanks sis <3 miss you!! xx

Nhi said...

thanks so much sharing! i only new andy & beauty crush, they're amazing:) going to check the other two out!

lots of love xx

Unknown said...

The good thing is that you have a job. But I agree these are all blogger babes!!

I invite you to check out my blog.

esion said...

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