Sunday, 28 September 2014

Sydney Photo Diary #2

(The night before..)
Today was spent walking from Coogee to Bondi. Whilst being slightly hungover from last night we decided to make the most of a sunny Sunday! 
We spent last night in a quirky Tequila bar near where we live. It was pretty dope and the drinks were of course.. flowing. A few cocktails and beers later.. we ended up dancing our little butts off. Was a cracking night!
So today on our walk we saw some absolute beaut beaches, Australia is now coming into warmer weather which is awesome, and means I will be chilling on these beaches a lot from now on.
I also spent today running some errands as I have been non stop at work all week.. yawnnnnn.
We ended the day with a lovely Italian dinner in a restaurant just down from our apartment, it is so cute and the food is awesome. So all in all, a pretty good day. Now I'm just chilling with a bag of M&M's and watching TV, much deserved after a very busy week! 
Hope you all had a lush weekend! See you in the next one. xx


Belle said...

Lush pics!!!

Not jell at all ;)

Jenny said...

Such beautiful photos <3

Nhi said...

wow, these pics are wonderful! i've never been to sidney! but i definitely should plan to go there :))

lots of love xx

M + K said...

yay!! we love spring/summer so we can't wait to start heading to the beach!! gorgeous photos!

M + K

Abbie said...

OH MY GOD these photos are amazing! Waaahhhh so jel. Misss youuu xx

fionna said...

So jealous you're in Sydney. I'd die for warmer weather right now and wearing shorts!

Unknown said...

These photos made me miss home :(. Great pictures btw.

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