Thursday, 10 January 2013

What's in my bag?

My bag ( wang dupe ) - e-bay purchase, it was such a good buy!

Neon Gloves - H&M, Sunglasses case and Sunglasses.

Passport - this is my form of ID I carry this with me everywhere!, Notebook - I'm so forgetfull so I have to write everything down so I can remember my 'to do lists' and more, Body Shop Spritz - This stuff smells so fresh and is great to have with you on the go!

My Purse - this was £2.00 from primark and I LOVE it! :), My phone of course!

My Make-up! - Benefit mirror, MAC Zoom Lash mascara, MAC liptick: Shanghai Spice, MAC Blush: Feeling Flush, MAC blusher brush and some Extra chewing gum to keep minty fresh!


Emma Louise said...

Neon gloves! :O

I love them.


Hola Bambi said...

love your bag , and lychee blossom body mist!! mmm xxx

Jade said...

I love your bag. I can't believe you carry your passport I would be too scared to loose it! x

Shannon Beer said...

Such a gorgeous bag xx