Sunday, 11 May 2014

NEW IN: Topshop.

High Vamp Skaters

You have probably seen these shoes floating about the online blogging scene. I was on the hunt for a good transitioning shoe which was affordable and stylish, so as you do I scrolled through the Topshop website and came across these. £20 is such a bargain so had to add them to my bag, after wearing them I have to say they are a little bit stiff but will soon soften up!

HEIGHTS Double Strap Sandal

OMG these are the perfect dupe! They come in black and white and priced at £26 are just ahhhmazing. The white look so sleek and trendy, I was so happy when I picked up my delivery that it defo made me want to do a stupid little dance in store (as you do). They are also great if you have 'thin' feet as you can adjust the strap to a tighter fastening, so comfortable too!

Tall Pansy Blue Joni Jeans

I have a couple of pairs of Joni Jeans, a bleach wash and plain black. I wanted a plain jean colour and found these online, I was in a 'I want to treat myself after a crappy day' mood so.. they ended up in my basket along with the rest.  I'm 5"10 so decided on trying out the TALL range the extra length in the torso meant these fit like a glove! The perfect jean.



anna s said...

omg i've been eyeing up those black flats for aaages, so cool. and you can never have enough pairs of Topshop jeans! the leigh ones are my favourite xo

Holl JC said...

I picked up the Tika2 black skate shoes recently too, and they're just one of my favourite things! So comfy and relaxed yet perfectly chic x

Jen said...

looooove the flats x

Emily said...

Love those slip on sneakers!
Would love if you could check out my blog if you get a chance!

Belle said...

The skaters are deffo not that comfy....but like, for twenty quid who cares?!?

And...oh my are so tall....and I am so jell :)


PS Your blog make-over is pure beaut!

Hola Bambi said...

Those white heights look sooo nice , I'd love some but I find that type of shoe really uncomfortable xx

Gemma Talbot said...

Loving the white sliders! Perfect summer accessory right there x

Fly DP said...

That black shoes from Topshop are beautiful! Lucky u!

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