Friday, 16 May 2014

STYLE: The Daily Outfit.

Topshop Skaters / Topshop Joni Jeans / Primark Tee

The Black Joni Jean

The black Joni Jean is a first choice for me when skimming my wardrobe in search for my daily ensemble. They are a great, flattering and comfortable jean so I would recommend a trip to Topshop to pick up a pair. I'm not sure what I did before I purchased these, but now I have them I will repurchase over and over. The only slight downhill with the black option is that they can fade quite quickly (depending how much wear you get out of them) which is a bit annoying. But you can dye the jeans to freshen them up, I will be going to pick up some dye as I have two pairs of the black. A little DIY jobby will need to be done.

The Grey Tee

Loving a skinni jean and simple tee combo at the moment. Depending on your style depends how you would accessorise or what jacket you would wear but simplistic is how I keep it most days. The grey tee I'm wearing is from Primark (the basic range there recently 'aint too shabby) but other places to get great basics are H&M and Zara.

The Day Shoe

These Skaters (again from Topshop) are a newbie in my shoe collection and oh my.. they are a must! A little stiff when first wearing them but they quickly loosen up, I would suggest having a walk around your house before wearing them out! These will go with any outfit and I'm so happy to have them to see me through summer. At an absolute bargain of £20 you can't really say no. They have plenty of different colours and styles of these over at Topshop, but thought I would keep it simple with the black and white. As you no I'm pretty much a monochrome nutter.



Lauren Wanders said...

Love this, so simple yet stylish!

Julija Toplak said...

Simple, but stylish. :)

Belle said...

Haha I'm a bit of a monochrome nutter too :)
Glad your skaters are breaking in for ya!

Lovin' the Joni's on you....prefer the vacuum pack effect of Jamie's on me though!!