Sunday, 11 May 2014

LIFESTYLE: Holiday content.

I have to leave to catch my flight at 3am this morning.. yes painful!! So I thought I would put together a little blog post. I'm currently at my nan's house watching absolute rubbish on TV and pretty much dreading the long night ahead. I am 'popping' off to Spain to catch some sun, eat food and chill for 4 days, hopefully check out a Spanish market too! 
Me and the sis spotted some cheap flights online and with the advantage of the Villa our grandparents are staying in we have bagged ourselves a little trip away.
Anyhoo! I saw a post BeautyCrush did a little while ago and it inspired me to put this together (a little less picture heavy but oh well).
'Pool essentials': Bikini / Sun tan lotion and oil / Book / Baggy tee dress / Phone- Music / Havaianas 
Chilling by the pool.
There's two things I need when relaxing by a pool or at the beach and that's a good book and music. I have borrowed this book off the sis and use my phone to listen to music (haven't yet purchased an iPod). I searched through my summer box of clothes and picked out these two bikini's, I can't be dealing with strap lines so these are both strapless. The first is a leopard print top and black bottoms and the other is a coral top and palm tree print bottoms, they are both mix matched from previous bikini purchases but they work well together so I thought why not! These Havainanas are from a market in Thailand so they're actually dupes (shh don't tell anyone). Along with the flip-flops, I got this neon long tee from a random Thai man on the side of a road... it's great to put over a bikini as a cover up.

Airport bag/s
As we are only going away for a few days we didn't see the point in paying extra to take a suitcase, this meant packing everything into our hand luggage. The allowance is 10k, which is plenty. I have managed to bring a few various outfits for the evenings, make-up, toiletries (under 100ml), camera etc etc. I have packed everything into an oversized bag from H&M. 
I have also brought with me the below vintage handbag to keep my more personal items. This will make it easier to grab my phone, passport, moneys a lot quicker!
iPhone & headphones / Passport / Handbag: Vintage / Nail file and polish / Pattern purse: Present / Kurt Geiger coin purse / Sunglasses and glasses

I might attempt to get a couple of hours kip now, have a great week all! xx


Belle said...

Ouch...those early starts are killer....hope you got up in time!

And hope you & Ab have a fab few days :)


PS I actually love my Haviana Dupes more than the real thing!!

PPS Excellent minimal packing skillz!

Jennifer Smith said...

I like your outfit & bag also & your look is amazing. I also like Louis Vuitton Clutch is just simply awesome and i would like to owe one.