Monday, 7 July 2014

LIFE: Update.
So I guess you could say this is a pretty big life update. A few months back me and my best mate decided to pop off to Australia for a bit. This idea quickly turned from long telephone chats to purchasing our working visas and one way tickets. Honestly.. it's pretty daunting but at the same time I could not be more excited...
The weekend we fly is going to be manic, my last day in the office is the 8th August, I then have a wedding on the 9th and we fly on Sunday the 10th... yes I no what your thinking! Busy bee!

We are flying to Sydney and will (fingers crossed) be working pretty much straight away. The plan is to get some dollar together and then, in the New Year work out where we want to go, what we want to see etc. 

I will be blogging my way through our journey, whether this will be outfit, travel, scenic or food posts the blog will be kept up to date. My Macbook and Canon will be with me and I'm so excited to share this all with you guys! This does mean that my blog will be slightly changing due to content, but theres nothing wrong with a mix up right..? 

So currently my life consists of.. writing endless to do lists, freaking out about packing, thinking of more things I need to buy for the journey and.. well I could go on.. 

Just a quick update post, and will be seeing you in the next one. Expect a normal OOTD post :) xx


Ellen Atlanta said...

This all sounds so exciting! I'm so jealous <3

Eline said...

Ooooh that's so exciting! It's probably going to be one big amazing adventure!

Wildflower Of Prague said...

Sounds incredibly exciting! My plan is to study in Australia for a year! It seems like such an amazing place to go! xx

MissPlayground said...

Oh that's so cool! Austraila has been always a dream for me! I am so jealous! :-) have a wonderful time and I can't wait to see the first blog post! xx

Antonella said...

Lovely post,dear!
Keep in touch xx