Monday, 22 April 2013

MAKE-UP MONDAY: Give it some shimmer.

So today I thought I would share with you one of my favourite products. The Bobbi Brown shimmer brick is a must for any make up collection.
It is a great blush and highlighter and I love that this is a definite evening/ weekend product. The shimmer brick is perfect for a night out and really does accentuate those cheek bones! (I don't have any cheekbones at all but hey! this does help!)
My Shimmer Brick is in Pink Quartz and to be honest it is my favourite, the shades are gorgeous and I think this is great for both winter more pale skin and for golden summer skin, so its wearable with every skin tone.
The packaging is sleek, modern and great to have in your make up bag as it has an amazing big mirror compact. It's also chunky so you wont loose it in that over sized bag!
However, be warned this will crumble if dropped, so take care as it is on the more pricey side and you don't want to be having any accidents!
Hope you liked enjoyed this post, I didn't want to blabber on so I have kept it short and sweet! :)
Happy Monday everyone, another long week at work for me!


Walk On The Style Site said...

wow- love the shimmer! looks really nice!

Check out my latest OOTD :-)

FashionMakeupAndBeauty said...

lovely post, i agree the packaging is sleek and you certainly would'nt lose it in an oversized bag. i don't own this but my friend does its a lovely product xx

Maddy Whittaker said...

love your blog and style hun, followed you on gfc and bloglovin :) xx